It can save your life, It can make magic happen, It can heal you, It can magnetise your desires, It can bring clarity to your decisions, and so much more. 

Do you want to feel the difference?
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Have you ever


  • Made a decision based on what is rational and what other people think, and later you regret it. But not only that, you had to carry the consequences yourself?
  • Had a premonition, like you had a feeling or simply knew something will happen and you didn’t act on it, than later you regret you didn’t?
  • Wandered about why everybody talks so much about importance of intuition yet nobody really explains how it works within us in a practical way?
  • Wandered about where new things, inventions, information that didn’t exist before, come from?

Well it is our intuition. The word intuition comes from the Latin word intueri, which means to look upon; it refers to our ability to observe a situation instantaneously, without our sense perception or our logic acting as intermediary. Jung also described intuition as a listening to inner voice.

It is our gift, like a part of human serial equipment, that helps us navigate through life making the best possible decision, to be happy and to live in abundance.

Yes, it is a part of serial equipment of every human being. That means that everybody can learn to tune in to intuition and than rationally implement that information in practice. It basically works like a muscle. If you want it to be strong and reliable, you have to train and use it very day.

I assure you that by using intuition you can live more healthier, happier, on purpose life. It can help you make better decisions in both life and business, and connect to the energy of abundance to create a lifestyle that you deep inside always desired to live.

“When you learn to trust your intuition, you start using it like kitchen tools.”

– Tamara Belsak

Most of us were actually trained not to trust our intuition


  • Because our parents, institutions, society in general is dictating who we are supposed to be, we can get cut of of our intuition at an early age.
  • We get raised often with words like – who do you think you are – when we have big dreams that are burning inside of us wanting to be expressed.
  • We get told like – use your brain, be more rational – when going out of our comfort zone and doing things that are not compliant with main stream thinking or rather thinking that is based on bad experiences and fears.
  • We get told like – what if you will loose everything – when investing in something we believe in – what if you don’t make that money back…

… and it is so common to get lost in fears and what ifs…and forget about that quiet voice inside – intuition – that is actually often doing the opposite of what we are being told and taught. It wants to lead us towards more fulfilling life, business that we enjoy in, health and prosperity we are meant to live.

The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the plain instinct acting from inner necessity. 

– Carl Jung

Your head can only take you  so far


Real creativity and finding new solutions to challenges thus making better decisions lies beyond your rational mind. When rational mind ends, intuition starts. To achieve great success lead by inner desire to use and activate ones potential, both rational mind and intuition need to work hand in hand.

Decisions made upon intuitive hits can only be measured once they are made and not before. Trust comes first and than comes measurement of results. It doesn’t work the other way around.

But the results are much better and satisfying.

Just think for a second about a moment in your life when everything was in alignement. What was going on? What was your state of being. Did you have any doubts and fears? To whom or in what did you put your trust in?

Fears and doubts are crippling you. They are crippling trust in yourself, and response ability to do the best you can with your life and most of all to be happy.

On the other hand…

If you are using your intuition


You are owning your destiny and making your mark in the world. Your life becomes more enjoyable and fun.

Think about the times in your life:

Confectionery-100When an answer to your problem came in and you didn’t even think about it in that moment. It just came out of “nowhere”.

Confectionery-100When you thought about a person and than the phone rang with their voice on the other side.

Confectionery-100When you day/night dream about something and than it happened.

Confectionery-100When some voice inside of you said to do something different than usual, and later you found out that you actually avoided some catastrophic event by listening even if didn’t make sense at the time.

You can learn to use you intuition for practical things


Yes, intuition is a learnable skill. 

Actually, you already have it, you are just not using it. It is something you were born with. It is also one of rare things nobody can ether give you or take away from you.

Using your intuition will make life much easier and fun.

You will make better decisions, create new creative solutions, have 100% reliable guidance.

Every step of the way, always and unconditionally.

All  you really have to do is to understand it, activate it and trust it.

Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.

– Steve Jobs

You can do it by going through simple, proven and efficient system


Behind every magical thing, there is a well oiled system that runs it.

What if that system existed to help you live a life without mistakes?

Would you start using it?

Would you test it to:

Confectionery-100get clear guidance

Confectionery-100come up with creative solutions

Confectionery-100trust yourself and in decisions you are making

Confectionery-100get tips on how to create abundance and wealth

Confectionery-100get knowing about a certain person

Confectionery-100stay healthy

Confectionery-100have fulfilling relationships

Confectionery-100develop your potential

Confectionery-100create business that you enjoy doing and still make enough money

Well, that system exists.

It is called 

Basics You Can’t Do Without


Remember that all you have to do is understand the system, take it for a test drive, and start using it to accomplish miraculous yet practical things in your life and business.


Here is why you will love it.


It will accurately show you how to tune in to your intuition and receive clear guidance.

It will give what no other program will – understanding the system.

It will guide you through practical exercises.

Intuition will become your best coach, and you will benefit from it every single day.

You will learn how to attract things to your life without effortlessly.

You will indeed create a life of passion, purpose, and authenticity. Destiny will be something you will be creating.

The reasons why this program works are because:

  • It helps you activate your potential.
  • It helps you combine your right and left brain, you rational and creative mind so that they both start working hand in hand.
  • It also shows very practically what happens if you are not connected to your heart, how crippled you are. Once you see that, you can never go back.
  • It explains well enough how the system of materialization works so that even if you are new to intuition, can understand it and can confidently start using it.
  • It also gives you plenty of exercises that will help you build that muscle of intuition.

Mentors Profile

Meet Tamara Belsak; Leading Intuitive Success Coach

You may have heard about Tamara and her clients success stories. She has helped her clients recognise the possibilities where they didn’t see them, tap into their heart’s desire and create a passionate lifestyle and business by implementing their INTUITION.

You may have been at one her webinars, programs or her exclusive intuitive retreat in Hawaii, or you may have downloaded her oracle cards – The Eye.

Tamara helps entrepreneurs bring out their leadership qualities by accessing intuition, learning to trust it, and also enrich their life in every way, spiritually emotionally and materially. She helps people recognize what they are passionate about and make it into a successful business. Besides being certified intuitive coach and using intuition as navigational system for a life without mistakes, Tamara also incorporates building business systems and structures into her coaching. She is a branding specialist and storyteller.

What will you get

There are 9 amazing benefits for you if you decide to sign up for Tamara’s course
INTUITION – Basics You Can’t Do Without
1 You will be more productive & satisfied

Most of the time we live in hectic world full of demands on us, which can lead to lack of focus on what is really important, running errands that exhaust you and at the end of the day you see, you haven’t accomplished what you have planned, and fall in to bed exhausted and unsatisfied. You will get clear guidance about what is really important, and have the strenght to focus on that, also by saying no on different demands on your time.

2 You will easily come up with creative solutions

Do you remember how it feels to be stuck and with no inspiration. Sometimes we get overwhelmed, stressed and can’t see “the trees in the forest” under pressure any more. Well, with this course you will learn how to get past creative blocks, so that you will know how to create positive solutions in any situation.

3 You will make better decisions

How does it feel when you have to make a decision you’re not 100% sure of? In a day we make thousands of decisions, smaller and bigger ones. When listening within – to your intuition – your decisions will never be the same again, they will be better. Lets say you are in meeting negotiation a deal and you can’t see what the other side has upon their sleeve. Well, guess what, with your GPS for a life without mistakes you will exactly know that and more, you will also know when somebody is lying to you. The more you trust your intuition the more you can read peoples energy. It never lyes.

4 Get tips on how to create abundance and wealth

It is very hard to pass-by that guardian that wants to keep us where we are. It is called ego or lower self. With trusting your higher self and your intuition you will also get practical tips on what is your next step to create desired amount of money, or simply more time for yourself and your family. If you want to make extra $ per month, stop looking outside on how to do it. Simply ask your intuition and than act upon it. That is how :).

5 Get knowing about a certain person

Maybe you just meet someone and you have this feeling inside of you that you can’t really read. Well it is your intuition conveying important information about them. With developed muscle of intuition you will exactly know what this feeling is all about. All you will have to than is to follow up on it.

6 Stay healthy

My grandmom used say that all that is important is that we are healthy and that we love eachother. When I was younger I didn’t quite get it. But those words stayed with me. Intuition will lead you towards foods you use, products you use, sports that will help you stay healthy. You will hear this little voice inside or just have a feeling about someone you need to visit, and this person will casually give away some information about a healer or foods. Or you will be guided to join a certain yoga class for example. It is all for you health benefits.

7 Have fulfilling relationships

Do you remember outgrowing certain relationships and how they influenced you? Like you were maybe spending your time with people that weren’t aligned with your values and were basically dragging you down, but you didn’t know how to change that? With fully developed intuition you will know how to draw aline, and will automatically start attracting people that will help you grow. This will be mutual process. Your relationships whether business or personall will suddenly become more balanced and fulfiling as they will be based on mutual respect and not codepency.

8 Develop your potential

Your true self wants to express itself fully whether you consciously want it or not. So it will always lead you to circumstances that will inspire that. Well, sometimes to circumstances that will be less inspiring and more challenging. Unfortunately the letter happens to the best of us most often. But it doesn’t have to be like that. You don’t have to take the curvy road to reaching your potential. You can take the quickest, the most satisfying and the list challenging one. It is the road made by your intuition. So the question is, if you had to pick one of two roads, which one would you take, challenging one or inspiring one?

9 Create business you enjoy and also supports your desired lifestyle

That is 100% true. There has been a time that I have worked in corporate where someone else decide how much my time is worth. One day I wake up to my life with no time for my kids, exhausted, working to pay my bills, loans, and go to holidays twice per year. That was not a reality I wanted. Intuition knocked on my back literary and lead me to creation of business I enjoy working in, that is aligned with my values and that can support the lifestyle I desire to live. It could never of happened if I didn’t listen to my intuition and be open to its guidance, because it really provided me with creative solutions and action steps.

It has been proven that people who rely on intuition are far more successful  than those who don’t.

The study John Mihalasky from the Institute of Technology in New Jersey made in 2013 is interesting. He presented some interesting findings about intuition and managers. He created the test, under which he divided directors of the companies into two groups. Those with highly developed intuition and those with less developed.

His findings are surprising. Among the directors who ranked high for using intuition in their decision making 81 % managed within five years to double the profit. While only 25 % of directors that ranked average or low in using intuition in their decision-making, reached the same results.

Intuition – Basics You Can’t Do Without will help you exactly with that. You will get all the tools you need to train your intuition and to separate it from your lower self that wants to keep you exactly where you are and is lead by fears. On the other hand your intuition is the voice of your higher self that is lead by love and helps you create creative solutions that lead to success. You will also see the result as soon as you start trusting it, and implement the guided actions steps.

Learning to trust your instincts, using your intuitive sense of what’s best for you, is paramount for any lasting success.

– Oprah

 Course information

Eazy & Practical Step By Step System to start using your internal GPS for a life without mistakes
 INTUITION – Basics You Can’t Do Without

The way to tune in to your inner wisdom is set up in a way you will easily understand and most importantly start using it every day. Tamara will invite to 50 min. video lesson that will help you through this process. Plus you will get a workbook with practical exercises and meditation In Harmony With Spirit that will help you get the best out of new learnings and practical use of intuition.

 Introduction to Intuition

In this video training, Tamara invites you to dive deep into your desires. They exist for a reason. She shares her story about how intuition knocked on her door and changed the path of her life. In seemingly lousy experience she has found jewels. She takes you through the curriculum of the course and explains simply what is the exact function of intuition. You will get the foundation for tuning in to your inner wisdom effectively.

Finding out about how you perceive intuition

You will test your intuition and get a sense of how it works within you. It works differently from person to person. The process you will experience will give you enough information and self-confidence to start trusting your inner guidance fully.

Understanding the system

You will be inspired by your map of self-discovery which will enable you to open up to what is divinely guided even more and at the same time understand how to put it to practice to improve your personal life or business. Nothing new namely evolved from what we already know. Where did it come from then? You will see on a practical example how “crippled” a person is when not using its’s intuition.

 Practical exercises

Tamara will guide you through practical exercises. You will be growing your intuitive muscle stronger and stronger. You will have simple, clear and practical guidance. 

Workbook content

The content of the workbook will support you throughout the course. It contains even more practical examples and exercises.


Attract Success By Implementing Your Intuition worth 4,99€

Ebook offers basics on how to trust your intuition and why you should definitely do it. There are cases of very successful people using it, some practical exercises and 9 guidelines on how to enhance your sensitivity and thereby the power of your inner voice through upgrading your daily routines.


In harmony with spirit worth 17€

A meditation that will create space for you to be more awake. You will become more sensitive to your intuitive guidance that will grow every day. You won’t be able to compromise on behalf of your happiness and feeling good anymore. The letter will help you get into the flow with synchronicity, bringing more abundance, joy, vitality, health and harmonious relationships into your life.

Value of the offer

making more money

working in place and job you love

   getting to choose yourself every moment of your life 

being vibrant and happy

saving relationships dear to your heart like marriage

       creating  the life you truly desire…

Success Stories
What are students saying about Tamara

I think about you a lot Tamara. I am grateful for you advice and every minute I have spent with you. I have grown so much and matured so much. I became the president of marketing jury today at the Diggit Festival. I am so proud of myself. Thank you for this course, for encouragement, faith in me, and for finding my family again as well as focus on my life’s priorities. There is no money in the world that can repay that investment in myself.

Lidija Rakusa, Slovenia

I now have my first paying client and it is amazing feeling. The commitment I made to myself to work with Tamara, has provided me with structure, foundation, firm enough to take a leap, with each week moving forward farther and faster than ever before, making the choice to move through fear and open to my creativity and trust myself.

Marija Herceg, Australia

Through months of coaching Tamara brought attention to subconscious beliefs that were limiting me to be successful. At the same time she lead me to create a brand and had very systematic approach. Several times I was surprised when Tamara used intuition to discover where the real problem is and how to best approach it.

Nevenka Muzic, Slovenia

Tamara Belšak is an outstanding expert in the field of intuition. Her extensive knowledge and years of experience are reflected through engagement and in-depth work with each client.

Maja Novak, Slovenia

Tamara is able to pick up on my problems, guide me through first recognising them and than find costume made solutions to conquer them. Her patience is incredible and do not think that I would be well centred and had clear picture of how to implement goals for the next year if Tamara had not been by my side for the last 3 months leading me through enormous life transformation.

Zaneta Funk, USA

After my first session, I was already looking forward to the following. Her feedback was spot on to get me readjusted and on to the next task. I felt invigorated after every other session and inspired by her homework tasks, each time amazed at what hidden talents or intuitive gifts we were able to discover during our time.

Violeta Molotokaite, Netherlands

Working with Tamara provided me with clarity and direction with my goals and passions. I was able to solidify my thought process of how I was going to do everything I am passionate about. My “aha” moment is that I can have one coaching business that utilises every passion as it pertains to a client.

Heather Haberle, Australia

I was delighted by the variety of resources and skills Tamara wove together and how this worked. Even more impressive was her intuitive accuracy…noteworthy given we’d only just met. Here service was rich with care, possibility and practical suggestions.

Niali Muir, UK

One time offer you won’t want to pass

Think about a situation that made you fill anxious, angry or frustrated. When you were talking with someone that was authority to you and inside you felt like exploding but you just couldn’t express your truth with love. Maybe you had a fight with your romantic partner, a friend. Or maybe you couldn’t decide on which path to take in to you business and had sleepless nights because of that.

When you start using and implementing your intuition 99% of similar situations just stop happening. Intuition will connect to your heart and vibration of love or above. You will start vibrating it and attracting love instead of anger, joy instead of frustration, empowerment instead of fear.

Can life get better that that?

Enrol now


Enjoy bonuses that come with the course

We are making this more affordable for you now than ever before

Most people are paying huge amounts of money for such luxury as using their intuition. In fact investment in Tamara’s programs is usually more than €1000 and her hourly rates are €250. She has done hundreds of such readings and courses and helped people solve problems and create miracles in their personal, professional or business lives. Now, this course will enable you to get to the necessary tools Tamara also uses in her coaching.

Intuition Basics You Can’t Do Without program was created for you to rediscover your intuitive muscle and start using it for the practical thing. Those tools have made a profound impact on many people that have since started using their intuition. Now you can do it too.


That is why the investment for Intuition – Basics You Can’t Do Without is just one payment of $99,99, €49,99, which is 50% off regular price. And it includes all bonuses.

You will get these amazing bonusess absolutely free if you sign up for the program today.



Ebook offers basics on how to trust your intuition and why you should definitely do it. There are cases of very successful people using it, some practical exercises and 9 guidelines on how to enhance your sensitivity and thereby the power of your inner voice through upgrading your daily routines.



A meditation that will create space for you to be more awake. You will become more sensitive to your intuitive guidance that will grow every day. You won’t be able to compromise on behalf of your happiness and feeling good anymore. The letter will help you get into the flow with synchronicity, bringing more abundance, happiness, vitality, health and harmonious relationships into your life.

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Confectionery-100 Intuition – Simple System that will help you understand how intuition works within you.

Confectionery-100 Practical exercises that will help you build your intuitive muscle.

Confectionery-100 Tools you can use every day in your decision making process that will be guided by intuition.

Confectionery-100 Understanding a system and how utilising your rational mind and intuition creates miracles.

Confectionery-100 Pdf workbook.

Confectionery-100 Costumer support whenever you need it.

Confectionery-100 Free bonuses; ebook and meditation.

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