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Hello gorgeous!

I meet people who tell me that they have excellent gut instincts, some even say that they are very intuitive, and I believe them because we all have it. But than comes the “but”… they don’t fully trust it and neither do they implement it. If you are one of those people or if you feel genuinely challenged in accessing and acting on your intuition, than this program is for you.


I often say “I am done with hugging and just saying we all love each other” which often happens during spiritual retreats or after long meditations. Why? Because I see people investing in their spirituality, or attending meditation workshops, but when they return home, days pass and they fall into their old routines and never truly implement the deep lessons they have learned.

Are you tired of living an unfulfilled life too? Have you been miserable at work, regularly worrying, having little to show for your efforts, not really knowing what your empowered place in this world is nor how to tap in to your intuition and start implementing highly resourceful decisions? If you are ready to find your empowered place in this world. If you are ready to be rich – spiritually, emotionally and materially, if you are ready to implement what you know to be your truth, than this program is for you.

“Learn to trust your intuition and start turning your business and personal life around using your divine gifts, bringing in more joy and abundance.”

You will never be as abundant and as happy as you would like to be. You will never trust yourself as you should, if you do not tap into your intuition and start using it. That is why I created this exclusive course.

Intuition is a subject that fires me up. But it wasn’t always like that. I knew nothing about it, it was some kind of a rocket science to me. I was something that only other people could master. But than it literally “knocked down my door” when I was 26 years old. I decided to give up my old life. In one epic weekend, I lost practically everything I had built up until that time. Intuition knocked down my door loudly saying:

Hey Tamara, stop detouring! Start living what you were meant to live in this world. 

I started researching about the meaning of life. I started meditating, and tuning in. I took many courses and learned many spiritual techniques. This profound journey led me back to me. I started trusting and believing in myself. I found an empowered place in this world.

Today, many years later, I have all that I have desired; a beautiful family, a home of my dreams and a job that I really enjoy doing. I am not saying there are not ups and downs in my life, but all in all I am truly gratefully for what I have become and what I have created through this process. I found diamonds in my dark night of the soul.

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.” – Steve Jobs

Join the Divine ride

I am inviting you to start your own journey of self-discovery, connect to your deepest desires, start trusting your inner wisdom and live your life fully, by making decisions in life and business that are guided by your inner wisdom. You owe it to yourself. And you can do it by taping into your divine plan.


Learn to trust and implement your intuition – 9-week tele-course

Expect unexpected:

  • understanding and trusting your intuition
  • getting clear on your desires
  • adopting a winning mindset
  • starting mapping out a business and life around your divinely given gifts and what you love to do

This program is for you if you desire to:

  • Make better decisions in your life or business
  • Develop deeper levels of self-trust
  • Reconnect to your desires
  • Move past what is blocking you
  • Understand how the system of manifestation works
  • Live fully what you are meant to live in this world
  • Gently and positively connect to the loving voice already inside of you

What my clients ask me the most is:

  • How do I find my true passion?
  • What is my purpose in life?
  • How come those things are not working out the way I want them to in material world?
  • What do I need to do to achieve my goals and desires?
  • How do I create a passionate life and heart-driven business?

The answer is simple:

Tune in to you inner wisdom – intuition – where all the right answers are.

Five reasons why you should listen to and trust your intuition

(whether you decide to join us in this program or not):

  1. Your decisions will never be driven by fears again.
  2. You will empower your fate as anything you desire is humanly possible.
  3. You will know what your next step is and achieve your intentions.
  4. You will be in charge of your life.
  5. Things that you desire will start manifesting effortlessly in synchronicity of events.

You might feel right now that if you pursue your goals, that that is egoistic, or you might feel comparing yourself to others by thinking what other people will think. It was Theodore Roosevelt who said: “Comparison is the thief of joy.”

What you will gain from this course:

  • Open up your intuitive channels
  • Understand how the system of intuition works and why you have that gift
  • Learn to trust your intuition
  • Access your intuition and implement resourceful decisions based on it
  • Understand the connection between your mind and the material world
  • Learn how to think to create desired experiences
  • Reconnect to your true desires and start building your life around them
  • Plenty of practical exercises and intuitive insights


really cool early birds bonuses

  1. short personalised tree of life analysis (it takes quite some time to do it)
  2. private coaching
  3. pretraining material
  4. early birds pricing


Now be honest with yourself. Do you use intuition to make better decisions? I am fascinated by how nature equipped us with all we need to live happily and abundantly. It was given to us and somehow we cannot fully appreciate and trust that gift. Maybe because it came for “free” and we did not have to work hard for it… So the big questions remain: Do you fully trust yourself? If not. Why not? How will you overcome those fears and blocks?

“We all have intuition. It was given to us by birth to lead us like a GPS in the right direction”.

Are you ready to stop detouring and start building your life around your desires? Create life that you were always meant to live? Be free of struggle, co-dependence, of what other people are thinking of what society dictates.  Wit two words. Be yourself.  You can do this. It is not hard. Actually it is pretty simple ones you start trusting yourself. Then there is no other way but to spiral your way up. Stop spinning in circles, stop running in your personal ‘hamster wheel’.


The truth is, by implementing your intuition you CAN HAVE:

  • fulfilling relationships, the ones that lift you up and appreciate you and make you feel uplifted

  • transform your work into something special that doesn’t feel like a job

  • make more money doing what you love

  • serve other people, nurture the world for the better

  • live a joyful and fulfilling life

You do not have to struggle in your life. To have it all, all you have to do is to be your authentic self. It all boils down to one thing, making a decision to stop procrastinating and start living your best life, full of abundance and joy. The program that I have created is designed to guide you through this journey. 

I developed it because I see too many people with lots of gifts that are not being used in their lives. What good is the knowledge, talent and wisdom if you are not implementing it successfully in your life? I call it a futile energy, which is even worse than negative energy, because you cannot see it clearly and it creates major blocks.

You may well ask why your life or business is not kicking off? That is what I was thinking at age 26 when by my own reckoning I should have been rocking it out in the world.

It all starts with one step at a time and every step guided by your Intuition. I have taken the long path, but you don’t have to. That is why I have created this e-program.

This program is for women and men who want to:

  • start trusting themselves again
  • create a happier life
  • reconnect healthily to their desires
  • get over the blocks and fears that have been in the way for long enough
  • reinforce their positivity and want to create a business around their passion (in the second part of the program)
  • are ready to implement their inner wisdom

Imagine – feeling fully confident in yourself
Imagine – living an empowered, joyful life full of abundance
Imagine – doing what you are passionate about 99% of the time
Imagine – doing your work and it not feeling like work at all


Early Birds - until 31 March


Single Payment

  • Bonus #1 Tree Of Life Analysis – short 150
  • Bonus #2 Private Coaching 1,5h (€350)
  • Bonus #3 pre-training material

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Early Birds - payment planMost Popular


3 payments

  • full early birds bonuses worth €700
  • pretraining material

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Full price

$ 689

Per Month

  • Private coaching 45 min (€175)
  • Full program benefits

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I was delighted by the variety of resources and skills Tamara wove together and how this worked. Even more impressive was her intuitive accuracy..noteworthy given we'd only just met. Here service was rich with care, possibility and practical suggestions.

Niali MuirLife Coach

Working with Tamara provided me with clarity and direction with my goals and passions. I was able to solidify my thought process of how I was going to do everything I am passionate about. My "aha" moment is that I can have one coaching business that utilises every passion as it pertains to a client.

Heather HaberleAustralia

After my first session, I was already looking forward to the following. Her feedback was spot on to get me readjusted and on to the next task. I felt invigorated after every other session and inspired by her homework tasks, each time amazed at what hidden talents or intuitive gifts we were able to discover during our time.

Violeta Malotokaite, NetherlandsDancer, Writer and a Poet

Sometimes it takes just that one person to truly believe in you first, and see just that much further beyond your fears and circling thoughts. With ease and grace, Tamara provides guidance through the relationship between the physical world and the one of our truest desires, values and potential.

Marija Herceg, AustraliaLife in Full Expression

Tamara is able pick up on my problems, guiding me through first recognising them and than find costume made solutions to conquer them.

Zaneta Funk, USAHolistic Health Coach
Make the decision

Attract Success by Tapping In To Your Intuition I 9-weeks tele-course

Starting 1 May 2017

What is included in this program

  • 6 live Q&A calls

  • 4 Modules – worksheets to help you track your progress and stay committed to the results

  • individual feedback on your work

  • recordings with meditations and practical exercises that will support your process now and for the future

  • 1,5h  of private coaching worth 350 euros for early birds

  • 45 min. of private coaching only for regular

  • pre-training material full for early birds

  • welcome packet

  • Implement Your Intuition workbook

Program details

Module 1

Trust your intuition 

  • reconnect to your intuition
  • start trusting your intuition
  • connect to your desires
  • practical exercises to help you train your intuition
  • meditations and centering techniques


Reconnect with your desires

  • understanding relationships
  • understanding your fears
  • clearing your fears
  • developing your winning mindset
  • meditation & mindfulness exercises

Module 3

Manifest your desires 

  • getting clear on your goals
  • setting clear intention
  • understanding your limiting believes
  • developing your wealth consciousness
  • reprogramming your mindset

Module 4

Connecting the Dots

  • from power to manifestation
  • nourturing yourself
  • trusting yourself
  • inspired action steps
  • meditation

UNTIL 31. MARCH 2017


(for early birds)

1,5h of private coaching  (worth €350)

Tree of life analysis – short (worth €150)

pre-training bonus material

Early bird bonus – whole program for ONLY €489 instead of €689

(save €550)

As soon as you join the program, you will get access to your bonuses!

Still not sure if this program is the right one for you? I will  be happy to help you with more information, so that you are 100 % sure that this program fits your desires, goals and needs.